New Obraz post from Emacs


Some time ago I switched from Tumblr to a self-hosted static blog. I settled on Obraz blog generator. I did write static site generators myself in the past, and didn't want to take that burden again. This one is good enough for me: it's not me who maintains it, it's written in Python (read: runs anywhere, without a dependency hell1), and its code base is small (one file, ~ 600 lines of code, that's very hackable if need be).

I've also setup an obraz-contrib repository to host plugins and customizations. Plugins are in a flux as the new plugin API of Obraz pre-0.4 is not stable yet. Emacs integration is more useful right now.

In particular, I wrote an Emacs function obraz-new-post which asks for post title, tags, and creates a new properly named text file with the post header properly populated. Put obraz.el in your load-path, (require 'obraz),M-x obraz-new-post` and you're blogging2.

Update: obraz.el has been move to a separate repository.

  1. I discarded Hakyll for it requires GHC (~ 900 MB) just to change the configuration. I imagine this a problem if I wanted to run the generator remotely on a weak VPS. I discarded Jekyll as I am not much into Ruby lately, but I have Python everywhere. Hyde? I forked it once, and I didn't like its code. Pelican seems too big and overengineered to me. 

  2. I suppose obraz-new-post can be used also with Jekyll and other blog generators.