Vim vs Emacs startup time


The best I can get from the full Emacs is 1.3 seconds' startup time:

% time emacs -Q --execute '(kill-emacs)'
emacs -Q --execute '(kill-emacs)'  0.91s user 0.06s system 74% cpu 1.291 total

or 0.3 seconds if emacs-server is already running:

% time emacsclient -cna '' -e '(kill-emacs)'
emacsclient -cna '' -e '(kill-emacs)'  0.00s user 0.00s system 0% cpu 0.299 total

vs 0.6 second with gVim:

% time gvim -c ':quit'
gvim -c ':quit'  0.07s user 0.02s system 15% cpu 0.572 total

vs 0.03 s with gVim wihtout user config:

% time gvim --cmd ':quit'
gvim --cmd ':quit'  0.01s user 0.01s system 91% cpu 0.026 total

(I was just curious what's the limit of optimizing my .emacs).