Direct Links in Google Search (GreaseMonkey script)


Direct Links in Google Search (GreaseMonkey script)

With this script all links in Google Search results should point directly to the target page.

  • You can copy and paste links from the search results' page.
  • Hopefully, your clicks are not tracked┬╣
  • Google doesn't steal links just after you click them.

The script should work on all international top-level domains, either with normal or Instant search.

┬╣ (Google still has other means to track your choice)

In the screenshot, you can see Instant Search results on .fr TLD, onmousedown event handler is removed, and the link is unobfuscated:


P.S. There are other scripts like this, some do work, some do not, some require unsafe permissions. I just preferred to update an old script I used some time ago.