ColorHug Getting Started


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Well, software to build:

  • ArgyllCMS >= 1.3.7 (or 1.3.6 with a patch)
  • colord >= 0.1.15
  • colorhug-client
  • gusb >= 0.1.2

Support for ColorHug in ArgyllCMS-1.3.7 is still experimental. To enable it, set the environment variable ENABLE_COLORHUG after you have installed the new ArgyllCMS.

Test if the ColorHug is working

Attach it with USB cable, run /usr/libexec/colorhug-gui (some distros like Debian or Ubuntu may put it in different location). Normally you should be able to light green or red LEDs and measure samples (manually).

Update the firmware


Get calibration matrices


Measure a patch or calibrate

To test measuring just a single patch:


To create an ICC profile:

/usr/bin/gnome-control-center color