HTML presentation frameworks


Just to keep track of them, in-browser slideshows based on HTML+CSS+JS. First some of the older pack:

  • S5. A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System. XHMTL¹. Demo.
  • Slidy. W3C slide show system. XHTML¹.
  • Slideous. XHTML.

And some modern HTML5-based alternatives:

  • html5slides. A Google HTML5 slide template. Demo.
  • landslide. HTML5. Write in Markdown or RST. Demo. It's the same system which you can see on
  • remark. HTML5. Write in Markdown. Single-file. Resolution-independent. Touch support.
  • deck.js. HTML5 + CSS.
  • impress.js². HTML5 + CSS3 Transitions. Not a classic slideshow, but a Prezi-like presentation system. Cool and dizzy.
  • dzslides. HTML5¹ + CSS3 Transition. Single-file. Resolution-independent. Touch support.

¹ It can be produced from plain-text markup (Markdown, RST) with Pandoc.

² it currently looks better in Chromium 18 than in Firefox 11 on Linux.