Force CSS hyphenation in Firefox (GreaseMonkey script)


Force CSS hyphenation in Firefox (GreaseMonkey script)

This is my first public GreaseMonkey script.

Modern browsers support hyphenation. Unfortunately, many popular sites do not enable hyphenation by default.

This script modifies stylesheets dynamically and enables hyphenation everywhere. The script is particularly useful if you like reading in narrow column and large font.

Many sites do not set language attribute, in this case rules for the English language are applied. Edit the source code of the script, and change defaultLang variable if your default language is not English. Set it to two-letter language code.

P.S. Note to Russian users: На практике, у меня, конечно, стоит defaultLang='ru'. И есть ещё второй скрипт, который насильно выставляет lang='ru' по всему ЖЖ.