Goodbye Google+!


I've deleted my Google+. There are too many things I don't like about Google+:

  1. Annoying "Red" notification button when absolute strangers follow me.

  2. All PicasaWeb commenters are now required to join Google+, if I am a Google+ user.

  3. Sharing without a link to the original and comments in a separate thread. Also, sharing cannot be disabled by default.

  4. Public posts cannot be "closed" or made "friends-only".

  5. No Atom/RSS feed even for user's public posts. Everyone who wants to follow a Google+ user is forced to use Google+ too.

  6. Too difficult to review many profiles. Only names and userpics are visible on the Circles page.

  7. No HTML/markdown is allowed in the post editor.

  8. I don't need another Facebook.